Say goodbye to stolen credentials.

0pass is the authentication platform that removes the number one cybersecurity risk facing organizations today: passwords. Say hello to hardware-based authentication that is connected to user identity and seamless to roll out across the organization.

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Why 0pass?

Employee identity tied to PKI

Hardware-based authentication is backed by managed certificates. This ties user identity to the key so the right users can access the right systems.

Zero-touch key management

The entire company can implement the strongest authentication while letting 0pass handle user enrollment, certificate renewals, and managed PKI.

A smooth user experience

End users follow an easy flow to enroll their key, update certificates when needed, and then enjoy a consistent login experience that takes seconds.

How 0pass brings you a passwordless reality

Deploy impenetrable authentication across every team, for every resource.

Deploy 0pass across your systems

Allow your infrastructure to trust keys enrolled with 0pass. Roll out to your entire infrastructure in hours, not months. 0pass ties user identity to the key with a certificate-based PKI infrastructure for the world’s most impenetrable authentication and access.

Enroll your users

After a fast enrollment, employees access approved resources by entering a PIN and touching their Yubikey. Target systems for authentication will be set up to trust the certificates issued to the 0pass YubiKeys.

Never get breached by credential theft or spoofing again

Now, the keys to your resources are protected by a PIN and the physical touch of a Yubikey. The PIN is local to the device, is never transmitted outside of the computer. and only unlocks the private key within the secure element so it can complete the crypographic challenge.

✓ DoD level security

✓ Impervious to attackers

✓ The fastest login experience

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Identity tied to PKI

A smooth rollout

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