Fortify your SSH and workstation logins with Warden

Warden stops attackers from getting access to Windows, Mac, and Linux systems using stolen credentials. Consolidate your authentication with enterprise identity connected to YubiKeys.

Don't use credentials that attackers can steal

With Warden, attackers are not able to steal employee credentials or SSH keys to move to other systems.

Employees log on in seconds

Everyone at the company, from HR to engineering, enjoys a login that takes only seconds and a single touch. Say goodbye to annoying MFA prompts and forgotten passwords.

Credentials can’t be stolen

Your employee’s identity is tied to YubiKey with a certificate and private key. Credentials are stored in the secure processor on the key, and can never leave it.

Compatible with the complex

Consolidate the login for all your organization’s systems, even in air-gapped or high-complexity environments like manufacturing, government, and aerospace.

Make every system passwordless

Warden consolidates authentication for all operating systems, regardless of what platforms you use or how you access them, Warden has you covered.





Remote Desktop

Your questions, answered

What happens if a user forgets their device or loses it?

We generally recommend users have two keys, one low profile nano key that stays plugged into their device, and one they keep safe at home. There is extremely minimal theft risk due to the PIN lockout. In the event that a user loses their laptop and their backup key, they would follow standard employee KYC processes to prove their identity. An administrator can then allow device access and require re-enrollment of a new key.

Does Warden provide audit logging capabilities?

Yes. We have web SSO, enrollment, and key management audit logs which can be shipped to a logging system. Authentication logs for Windows, Linux, and Mac, should be pulled from their respective environments (osquery/SIEM, Active Directory DC logs, etc).

What level of customer support is provided?

0pass offers an enterprise SLA with 99.99% uptime and a 24-hour customer support response time during business hours in Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. We also offer professional services to support company-wide rollout or custom integrations / requirements.

Can Warden be customized to meet specific requirements?

Yes. We have webhooks and “trusted application support” for things like inter-application authentication. Furthermore, we have pre-built custom solutions for use cases like command signing, inter-application authentication, code signing, email signing, or WiFi authentication.

Can this be configured and deployed remotely via MDM or UEM?

0pass software running on client client and server configurations can be deployed through various systems like Group Policy, SCCM, Intune, Jamf, Kandji, Chef, and Puppet.

Is this cloud hosted or on premises?

Today, we support cloud and on-premise deployments. Run it on your servers, your private cloud, or our cloud. Generally speaking, we would not recommend customers to deploy “shared” hybrid tenants—although mileage may vary based on use-case.

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